Introducing Chris Koch

Born in Sri Lanka, the fourth and only male child, Chris grew up knowing absolutely and for  certain, that he could do no wrong.  His four mothers (three much older sisters and his actual mum) and his dad all thought the sun rose when Chris was around.  As a four year old Chris would thoroughly entertain all guests and visitors to the home.  Chris & his family immigrated to Australia when he was eleven years old.

His exuberance and confidence translated well into the sales field.  As a brash, funny and engaging young man with a natural gift for empathy and an honest caring for people, he quickly rose to the top of the sales tree in the pharmaceutical industry and then in the insurance industry.

Many consulting engagements and subsequent presentations to Boards and Executive Teams on his findings, led to a career as a keynote speaker.  By 1995 he was one of the most highly sought-after keynote presenters and rated in the top 5 in Australia.  He also indulged his love of horse racing with the ownership of some very good racehorses, one of which was Naturalism.

As an avid risk taker and with a keen interest in the global financial system Chris found himself being lured into the exciting and enticing area of high risk/high yield international investment programs.   Unfortunately, this venture went horribly wrong and over a period of many years, eventually led to his arrest, trial, conviction and jail sentence of 7 years and 6 months with then 2 years and 4 months on parole.  During that 7 years and 6 months he privately studied several aspects of the law and learned many valuable personal, business and legal lessons.  The most important of which was a whole new understanding of trust.  Chris is not a qualified lawyer, however, he has built strong collegial friendships with several well-regarded law firms, which provide him with advice about his client issues.  They also seek advice from him about procedural matters.

Today, Chris entertains large audiences with his thoughts on “The Essence of Trust” and how to embrace it and embody it in your personal and business life.


Chris has had the pleasure of inspiring and entertaining people at conferences and seminars, from the following organisations and companies (to name but a few):

Presented 700+ Keynotes

To 100,000+ People

In 20+ Countries

Remarkable Accolades

  • "Having known Chris for many years and been an attendee at a number of his presentations, I can honestly say that Chris is an incredibly inspiring speaker who is able to fully engage with his audience.  He brings humour, wisdom and practical expertise to his presentations which are always thought provoking and highly entertaining to say the least.  
    Chris has endured a steep learning curve over the past few years and his ability to share his experiences and thoughts around resilience and trust are profound and meaningful.  I highly recommend him for his exceptional speaking capabilities and the sincerity he brings to his presentations."
    Dr. Tom Verghese, Principal, Cultural Synergies

  • "Chris Koch is one of the most prolific and enduring motivational, leadership and sales speakers of our time. As an amazingly eloquent, articulate and gifted storyteller whose sparkling speaking career came to an abrupt halt in his prime through a highly controversial incarceration. Chris now brings to the stage a very unique personalised style with hard earned insights on trust, resilience and re-invention that now imbue value into all his relationships, involvements and initiatives. 
    I am glad that I can call Chris Koch a professional colleague, confidante and friend.  I can absolutely guarantee that he will make your next Conference or Special event the best ever!" 
    Homer Papantonio – Professional speaker for over 20 years

  • "I had the pleasure of meeting Chris over 10 years ago now at a sales training conference run by Davey Pumps Australia and not a day goes by I don’t use one of his invaluable ideas… and that is not an exaggeration!
    Chris was the first “trainer” to treat salespeople as true professionals and bought perspective to the importance of their role in any company’s day to day functions and success.
    Chris is truly gifted when it comes to connecting effortlessly with his audience and possesses an innate ability to hone in on areas where improvements can be made both for individuals, a division or an entire company’s operating structure and culture. His understanding of the “sales process”, so often maligned or down played by other company departments, brings to the fore the importance what every sales team represents and how they can maximise their clients experience.
    Chris has the ability to speak in a language everyone at every level can connect, no matter what role they hold, and this alone brings his audiences closer. I couldn’t recommend a trainer/guest speaker more highly".
    Warwick Prestwood, Director, International Sales Solutions.

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