Def: Redefining the meaning of sales and auditing the sales function. Client interaction.  Advanced personal relationship selling.  Emotional Intelligence development.

Chris began his sales career as a sales rep for Schering AG Pharmaceuticals.  With his brash, cheeky and confident personality he was very successful.  He was noticed and poached into the Insurance industry with AMP and GRE where he also excelled.  At that time, he didn’t really understand fully why he was better than most, just that he was!  He learned over time that it was his empathy combined with his real and genuine caring for people that was the point of difference in how he approached people and sales.

Chris is a passionate advocate of the sales profession.  As the founder of The International Sales Institute (TISI), Chris says “We love connecting with people.  We are committed to providing all those who are involved in the selling function, and all those interested in learning about this important career, with a one stop resource through which to learn, understand and respect the sales profession and value the critical relationships sellers have with their buyers.”  

It’s about people not product.  It’s about how we relate to others.  It’s about caring, compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness.  It’s about ethics and standards.  It’s about how you can help someone, and not about how you should make them buy a product or service which they don’t need and cannot afford.

Chris believes that we need to have generic sales education, while sales training should be job specific.  People need to be educated in what selling is all about, before they can be trained into a job specific sales role. Selling is not about prospecting, lead generation, setting targets, using open-ended questions or using closing methodologies. Chris believes that selling is a communications process during which the customer is always more interested in how much you care, than in how much you know. Chris has mastered the art of inspiring the customer/client to instigate the sale. Chris believes that a call to action by the seller becomes obsolete, when a salesperson and the customer have created a “consultancy” based relationship.

"Davey Water Products better known as Davey Pumps, needed to audit and upgrade the selling skills in 2008 and engaged Chris Koch as a sales and motivation consultant. Chris presented at around 20 events which covered the sales team in all the major states and the International sales team.  He also presented at Master Dealer conferences.  He did a great job with all teams, evidenced with their increasing sales."
David Cleland, former Managing Director, Davey